Dallas DogRRR Vs. Harvey

Hurricane Harvey hit Texas hard. Devastating flooding in Houston forced thousands to leave their homes running away for their lives. Our partner rescue Tall Tails Animal Rescue, was presumably safe from Harvey and its flooding. Unfortunately, that wasn't the case.

This is the story and the timeline of the rescue mission that took place to save over a hundred animals from drowning in Harvey's floods.


Monday - August 28, 2017

It all started with a message from Kat K Tschirgi (Houston) to Patti Dawson (Dallas) saying 911.

Patti messaged Kat the day before checking on them. "All is well," Kat responded at 3pm. Kat did not respond to Patti's 7pm message till the next morning 911 with pictures of her dogs flooded in their own kennels. Even though they were told that their area will not be affected with the flood, they woke up to two feet of water flooding their house and facility. The dams were opened overnight.

All hands on deck, the Dallas DogRRR team started planning and brainstorming. We needed to get there, and we needed a big boat to get them all out. Immediately, we reached out to Kay from Tall Tails Transport to head to Houston.

In the meantime, local rescuers started moving the animals out of the flooded facility to a park nearby with a higher ground.

Late that same day, Marina and Samer from Dallas DogRRR started driving towards Houston from Dallas. The goal was to figure out a way for Kay and her transport to get to Houston, drop off some supplies with Kat and Kevin, and take as many dogs as they could fit in their car.

Around 11pm that night, we learned that the boats couldn't make it to the flooded facility anymore and not all of the animals made it out.

Tuesday - August 29, 2017

It was around 2am when Marina and Samer reached Houston. After driving 250 miles, they had to turn back, unable to get through the last 15 miles. It was up to Kay at that point.

During the day, Kevin managed to get to his facility. He prepared all the animals that they couldn't transport out the night before. Boats started coming in and they transported every single animal out to the park nearby.

Kay, with her vehicle and large trailer, kept pushing and trying different routes. She finally made it to the park against all odds at 5pm. Immediately they started loading up the dogs and preparing for the journey back.

Following the good news, the Dallas DogRRR team mobilized our teams to prepare the staging center. Within 7 minutes from putting out the plea for a facility, MacArthur Hills Senior Living center offered one of their gyms to be the staging ground for all the animals. Set up started at 9:30 pm.

Wednesday - August 30, 2017

Kay's convoy arrived at 3:30am with 86 dogs and 15 cats. They were dirty, tired, and hungry. The unloading, feeding, cleaning, assessing and taking care of all the animals started immediately. Dr. Karri with Vet Ranch arrived in the morning and began vetting the animals.

Later that day, Austin Pets Alive transported the 15 cats and 44 dogs.

Kat and Kevin arrived to Dallas to visit their dogs that evening.

Thursday - August 31, 2017 & Friday - September 1, 2017

Thursday and Friday were all about finding foster homes for all of the dogs. Dallas Pets Alive and Paws For Irving came in and fostered a several dogs. Our amazing fosters and volunteers stepped up and helped taking care of the dogs. Activities included walking, feeding, and bathing dogs, keeping track of medical schedules, cleaning crates, changing beddings, organizing donations, staying overnight, etc... To all of the amazing volunteers, THANK YOU! We could not have done that without you.

We only had 4 dogs left by the end of Friday.

Saturday - September 2, 2017

By 11am the gym was clear and the last dog, Houston, left the building. The DogRRR team continued to pick up donations and organize supplies through the day in preparation of the rebuild.

Every bit counts!

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