Once a dog officially becomes a Dallas DogRRR rescue, we get right to work changing their lives for the better. Our first priority is to take our newly rescued pup for a check-up at the vet and give them a much-needed bath! We work with caring, dedicated clinics that will thoroughly examine and recommend a customized treatment plan for every dog. Everything is covered from basic vetting to major medical procedures and long-term care.


In addition to all of this pampering, each of our dogs are evaluated to determine what type of rehabilitation process they will need. Depending on the circumstance, this can include mental, physical and emotional healing. Once they are healthy, the training begins. We help them brush up on what they already know and learn new skills that will help them be a happier, more secure, and confident pup.


               FOSTER CARE

Because Dallas DogRRR does not have a facility, all of our dogs live in foster homes. In some cases, we are unable to find a foster family and the dog will stay at a boarding facility until foster care is found. We do our best to find a foster for each dog — this is a critical part of their emotional rehabilitation. One of the sweetest sights to see is a newly rescued dog curled up in their very own blanket sound asleep with a nice, full belly. Our fosters provide a safe place for our rescue dogs to do just that! During recovery, their time is full of good food, long naps, and lots of belly rubs.


Do you want to join in on the action? Every step of this rehab process has so many unique ways to be involved – from grooming and training to helping us match our dogs to the perfect new family! Click here to get involved.